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23rd September 2055

Babylon is a true inspiration in these times of darkness. Under the dynamic leadership of Sir Hector McDonaugh, the company has thrived while so many others failed. Where others saw the disasters of the Scourge as signalling the end of their businesses, Sir Hector seized the opportunity and has built a company on which we can all rely. His healthcare businesses have helped keep London safe from the disease that is ravaging the county, and as we reported earlier in the week, London is now free of the disease.
The announcement that Babylon will be running the Metropolitan Police should be greeted with joy by all citizens. Babylon has proven its strength, expertise and integrity. By bringing these virtues to the policing of our great city, only good will come.

20th September 2055

Mayor Rod is victorious. The battle against an insidious foe has been won, and Mayor Forrester-Smythe’s aggressive policies have been vindicated. While others dithered, Mayor Rod took action. The result? Londoners are safe from a creeping infection that has decimated nations, destroyed civilisations and ripped communities in half.
The Mayor’s detractors mocked and decried the loss of civil liberties. They left the safety of the capital and its Great Wall to aid the victims throughout the rest of the country and died in their thousands, victims of a disease which destroys the mind before it consumes the body.
Mayor Rod must now stand firm. The first battle is won, but the Scourge remains a lethal and virulent enemy. Until there is a cure, Londoners must support and encourage the authorities as they work to keep us safe and Scourge-free.

8th August 2055

The recent attacks on everyday citizens have shocked the nation. The brutal slaying, just yards from his own doorstep, of Dominic Bruehl, a student with a glittering academic career, has deprived a young man of a brilliant future. On the same day, the gang that style themselves the Motorway Marauders have killed a working driver just weeks away from his retirement.

Luckily for Londoners, these attacks took place outside the Walls. The foresight and intelligence of Mayor Forrester-Smythe in ensuring that we are insulated from these evils is commendable.

The perpetrators of these attacks cannot be allowed to escape scot-free. They must be caught and they must be punished. The Motorway Patrol must have carte blanche to stop anyone and everyone to catch those individuals responsible for these attacks.

The Scourge is a terrible curse, and threatens our entire civilisation. But the threat of fever, and the terrible destruction that it can wreak, does not absolve us of civil responsibility. That is why we must resist the urge to give in to the criminals and the evil-doers. If we do not fight them today, if we do not pursue them with every ounce of our being, they will only be stronger tomorrow.

So, citizens, be watchful, be alert and report anything. The Motorway Patrol must have our full support as they hunt down and destroy those who threaten our way of life.

Under Mayor Forrester-Smythe, we are strong enough to beat them.