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Thursday 23rd September Bute Pharmaceutical secures monopoly policing contract, changes name to Babylon
Monday 20th September Scourge defeated, Mayor exultant
Friday 17th Setember

Missing Jessica: Kidnap theory
A new motorway menace
Explosion destroys abandoned colliery
Arrested members of Yellers Gang freed
Thursday, 16th September One dead as Marauders strike again
Tycoon mourns for son as police hunt for missing daughter


Riding with Lackhart's Lancers

Lackhart's Lancers The motorways of the British Isles in the mid 21st century are a dangerous place. Yet they are the only physical connection between many parts of the countries that make up this collection of islands. Leanna Rhodes travels with the couriers who keep the lines of communication open.
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An Interview with the Motorway Patrol

Motorway PolicePatrolling the motorways of England in 2055 and keeping them safe is no easy task. The Motorway Patrol are the protectors of the roads, keeping communications open between the major cities and protecting travellers from marauders, cycle gangs and Scourge crazies. Reporter Leanna Rhodes travelled with a patrol to understand what drives these men and women to protect us.
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