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Riding with Lackhart's Lancers

Gaming notes

Rich Lackhart is a courier driver who delights in taking the high profile jobs. While many of his competitors are happy simply to make a living, Rich prefers to take the delivery runs that will increase his profile or get him on the evening news.

The second son of the current Chief Executive of Lackhart Motors, Rich tends to rely on technological superiority rather than on talent or training. The attrition rate in his crew is high, but there are a steady stream of young drivers keen to ride with Lackhart's Lancers.

Every vehicle in Rich's squad is manufactured by Lackhart and painted midnight blue. He is currently showcasing the N-series vehicles, which he designed together with the design engineers at the Midlands plant.

Rich always drives the lead vehicle, an Energizer with linked lasers front and a ramplate. The cargo or passenger is carried in an Encaser, mounting a turreted laser, while the rear is protected by an Enricher, sporting a laser linked to a dropped weapons package. The squad is rounded out by a reconnaisance unit, consisting of a single cyclist on a light laser-armed Engager.

Rich is a Driver+1, Gunner+1, Mechanic, Handgunner. His cohorts change regularly, but typically have one or two relevant skills at +1, and two or three more at basic level.

Despite his lack of talent, Rich does manage to get a number of high profile runs, and generally delivers them on time.

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