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Riding with Lackhart's Lancers

The cracking of super-heated air makes my head snap round. A flash of searing light lances across the landscape, followed by a second. In the distance, I see a body crumple.
“Down and out!” The excitable voice of Rich Lackhart bursts from the radio speaker. “Let’s keep it moving, Lancers.”
Another morning’s commute for a mid 21st Century haulage gang.
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Motorway Patrol interview

It is 4am on a cold September morning. Patrol Sergeant Dave Chapman takes a deep draught of hot tea, standing at the service station in the shadow of the Severn Bridge. For the past two hours, he has driven from London at a sedate 55 mph, showing the flag and protecting his patch. Now he takes a well-earned break.
“Everyone seems to think that we have high-adrenaline lives; that the excitement never stops. We have our moments, but actually, most of what we do is just remind people that we are here; that there is a law; and that someone cares if they break it. That is often enough.”
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23/9/55: Babylon is a true inspiration in these times of darkness. Under the dynamic leadership of Sir Hector McDonaugh, the company has thrived while so many others failed. Read more

20/9/55: Mayor Rod is victorious. The battle against an insidious foe has been won, and Mayor Forrester-Smythe’s aggressive policies have been vindicated. While others dithered, Mayor Rod took action. The result? Londoners are safe from a creeping infection that has decimated nations, destroyed civilisations and ripped communities in half. Read more

18/8/55: The recent attacks on everyday citizens have shocked the nation. The brutal slaying, just yards from his own doorstep, of Dominic Bruehl, a student with a glittering academic career, has deprived a young man of a brilliant future. On the same day, the gang that style themselves the Motorway Marauders have killed a working driver just weeks away from his retirement. Read more

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Austen has won many converts to the practical effectiveness of the Prudence. The company has have managed the difficult trick of making the entry-level model attractively priced while offering sufficient premium features in the more expensive models to appeal to a broad cross-section of society. Aggressive price competition means that many dealers are offering 50% off the electronics package.
Prudence: Station wagon, standard chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant, 4 PR tyres, driver, gunner, 2 passengers, 2 MGs linked F, fake MG L, fake MG R, PS back, overdrive, spare tyre. Armour: F30, B25, L25, R25, T10, U15. Accel 5, Top speed 95, HC 3. 5,365 lbs., $11,900.
Cargo capacity: 135 lbs., 6 spaces. (435 lbs. and 8 spaces if no passengers are carried.)
Prudence LX: Upgrade chassis to extra-heavy, add superconductors, make fake MGs real, add bulk ammo box with 2 loads of MG ammo. Armour: F40, B40, L35, R35, T20, U20. Top speed 90. 6,435 lbs., $18,750.
Cargo capacity: 165 lbs., 3 spaces.
Optional electronics package: 2 targeting computers, 2 compact televisions, computer navigator with 5 map cards, radar detector, surge protector. $4,550.


The modern British estate car is a regular sight on the roads, particularly in convoys. The Camello from Kennington is a good example. Although its armour is weak, its handling is excellent, especially at high speeds, making it popular when time is of the essence. Camellos are unpopular with drivers of tail-end Charlies: usual tactics take advantage of the remote-control mines by setting them on automatic and triggering them manually once all allies are safely past them, requiring nerves of steel from trailing escorts.
Camello: Station wagon, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, gunner, RR front, MD linked to SS back, link from RR to dropped weapons, airdam, 2 bulk ammo boxes, car-top carrier, overdrive, spoiler, toolkit. Armour: F30, B30, L25, R25, T10, U15, 5 points on all 5 carrier locations, 2 10-point wheelguards rear. Accel. 5, top speed 90 (110 with overdrive), HC 3. 5,790 lbs., $16,475.
Cargo capacity: 810 lbs., 8 spaces (4 in the roof carrier).


Austen has yet again delivered a solid and reliable car that sees extensive use on the motorway networks of Britain. Designed to travel at high speeds with excellent handling, the Clipper fleet delivers both high-value merchandise and bulk goods around the country.
While the VMG packs a serious punch, the Clipper’s only defence is a paint spray, in deference to London’s antiquated clean-air laws which restrict the use of smoke screens. Few Clippers seek out fights; they prefer to run away and use their superior accuracy to deter pursuit.
Clipper: Station wagon, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, turreted VMG linked to PS back, airdam, overdrive, spoiler, SWC. Armour: F40, B40, L30, R30, T30, U20. Accel. 5, top speed 95 (115 with overdrive), HC 3. 5,975 lbs., $18,400.
Cargo capacity: 625 lbs., 11 spaces.


Since the Scourge, the Principality of Wales has struggled to maintain any heavy industry. The one exception, based near Swansea, is Dragon, who have been turning out commercial vans and estates for over thirty years. The Llandudno has been the cornerstone of their success, combining passenger seating with a substantial cargo capacity. The passenger seats can be folded giving the Llandudno a rear cargo area that is over 7 feet long.
Llandudno: Station wagon, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, 2 passengers, turreted RR with HEAT ammunition, MD with extra magazine B, proximity fuses for all mines, airdam, spoiler, SWC. Armour: F30, B30, L30, R30, T15, U20. Accel. 5, top speed 90, HC 3. 6,015 lbs., $19,475
Cargo capacity: 585 lbs., 7 spaces.
(885 lbs. and 9 spaces if no passengers are carried.)


This premium cargo-hauler from Lackhart is a streamlined estate car with the handling that is the hallmark of the N series. Equally at home with a fare-paying passenger or valuable cargo, Lackhart hope to see the Encaser become the preferred vehicle for inter-city couriers. The VMG variant is significantly cheaper, but sacrifices the almost-unlimited ammunition supply of the laser-armed Encaser for additional cargo capacity.
Encaser: Streamlined station-wagon, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, passenger, laser in universal turret, airdam, laser battery, overdrive, spoiler, SWC. Sloped armour: F30, B30, L30, R30, T25, U15. Accel. 5, top speed 110 (130 with overdrive), HC 3. 5,924 lbs., $26,030.
Cargo capacity: 676 lbs, 5 spaces. Top speed when laden: 100 (120 with overdrive).
Encaser VMG: Replace laser with VMG. Remove laser battery. 5,774 lbs., $20,230.
Cargo capacity: 826 lbs., 6 spaces.