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Riding with Lackhart's Lancers

The cracking of super-heated air makes my head snap round. A flash of searing light lances across the landscape, followed by a second. In the distance, I see a body crumple.
“Down and out!” The excitable voice of Rich Lackhart bursts from the radio speaker. “Let’s keep it moving, Lancers.”
Another morning’s commute for a mid 21st Century haulage gang.
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Motorway Patrol interview

It is 4am on a cold September morning. Patrol Sergeant Dave Chapman takes a deep draught of hot tea, standing at the service station in the shadow of the Severn Bridge. For the past two hours, he has driven from London at a sedate 55 mph, showing the flag and protecting his patch. Now he takes a well-earned break.
“Everyone seems to think that we have high-adrenaline lives; that the excitement never stops. We have our moments, but actually, most of what we do is just remind people that we are here; that there is a law; and that someone cares if they break it. That is often enough.”
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23/9/55: Babylon is a true inspiration in these times of darkness. Under the dynamic leadership of Sir Hector McDonaugh, the company has thrived while so many others failed. Read more

20/9/55: Mayor Rod is victorious. The battle against an insidious foe has been won, and Mayor Forrester-Smythe’s aggressive policies have been vindicated. While others dithered, Mayor Rod took action. The result? Londoners are safe from a creeping infection that has decimated nations, destroyed civilisations and ripped communities in half. Read more

18/8/55: The recent attacks on everyday citizens have shocked the nation. The brutal slaying, just yards from his own doorstep, of Dominic Bruehl, a student with a glittering academic career, has deprived a young man of a brilliant future. On the same day, the gang that style themselves the Motorway Marauders have killed a working driver just weeks away from his retirement. Read more

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Stoic Autos built the the Drogher with the stated intention of replicating the success of the Ford Transit in the late twentieth century. Initial indications are that they have succeeded, particularly in the local delivery market. The van may be lightly armed and armoured, but the sheer amount of cargo that it can carry has ensured its popularity.
Drogher: Van, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 6 PR tyres, driver, gunner, RL front, SD with explosive spikes and PS linked B, SWC in gunner position. Armour: F25, B25, L20, R20, T5, U15, 2 10-point wheelguards rear, 4 10-point wheelhubs. Accel. 5, top speed 110 (100 when fully laden), HC 2. 5,800 lbs., $14,650.
Cargo capacity: 1,400 lbs., 16 spaces.


A recent entrant into the UK market is Krakow, a Polish manufacturer of vehicles designed around locally-built rocket systems. The Cannonade is their entry into the courier market, a cost-effective courier vehicle that carries seven micro-missile launchers for all round defence. While armour is light, extensive use of component armour has given the Cannonade a strong track record of survival. The absence of cargo safes means that Cannonades are rarely entrusted with high value goods. The Broadside mounts two extra MMLs, while the Gunship adds further armour.
Cannonade: Van, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 6 PR tyres, driver, gunner, 2 MMLs linked in turret, 3 MMLs linked F, 2 linked MMLs B, MML smoke magazine B, magazine switch, 2 smart links (from turret to F MMLs and to B MMLs), 2 targeting computers. Armour: F20, B15, L15, R15, T15, U10, 10-point CA around each of driver, gunner, PP, front MMLs, rear MMLs. 2 10-point wheelguards rear, 2-10 point wheelhubs front. Accel. 5, top speed 100, HC 2. 6,555 lbs., $23,500.
Cargo capacity: 645 lbs., 6 spaces.
Broadside: Add 1 MML in turret, 1 MML F. 6,925 lbs., $26,450.
Cargo capacity: 275 lbs., 6 spaces.
Gunship: As Broadside, but add 15 points of armour (usually F25, B20, T20). 7,135 lbs., $26,900.
Cargo capacity: 65 lbs., 6 spaces.


To showcase their rocket expertise, Krakow have created a Division 25 van carrying 18 of their heavy rocket systems. The Mangonel is lightly-armoured, but it can throw a heavy volley of at least three rockets in each direction. In the arena, most drivers vary the locations of the rocket volleys to keep opponents guessing.
Mangonel: Van, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 6 solid tyres, driver, targeting laser in zero-space turret, 18 HRs (6 linked front, 6 linked back, 3 left, 3 right), laser guidance for all rockets, 2 bumper triggers (factory-standard places them L and R), targeting computer. Armour: F25, B20, L20, R20, T5, U10, 10-point CA around each of driver, PP. Accel. 5, top speed 100, HC 2. 7,199 lbs., $24,950.
Personal equipment: 15 lbs., 7 spaces.


When you have to have the ultimate in luxury, comfort and safety, the Imperial’s Elyssia stands out. This van is in a league of its own, and is the vehicle of choice for vidstars, football players and investment bankers, many of whom man the twin laser from the safety of the gunner seat. Despite its hefty price tag, the Elyssia is weak without escorts. If you have to engage this vehicle, isolate it rapidly to take advantage of its weak armour.
Elyssia: Van with carbon-aluminium frame, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 6 solid tyres, driver, gunner, 2 passengers in 6 space passenger lounge, twin laser in universal turret, searchlight F, GS with extra magazine loaded with paint and magazine switch B, 6 flechette grenades, ABS, anti-theft system, compact TV, 2 ejection seats, extra driver controls, HD brakes, HD shocks, hi-res computer, LD radio, laser battery, radar, sunroof U (escape hatch), vehicular computer, velvet trimmings ($10,000). Fireproof sloped armour: F25, B25, L23, R23, T23, U20, 10-point CA around gunner. 2 10-point wheelguards rear, 2 10-point retractable wheelguards F. Accel. 5, top speed 95, HC 2 (HC 1 if front wheelguards are deployed). 7,116 lbs., $79,810.
Cargo capacity: 84 lbs., 3 spaces (384 lbs. and 5 spaces if no passengers carried).


Tower Securities have pulled out all of the stops in this super high-tech intelligence gathering van. The carbon-aluminium frame contains over $40,000 of surveillance gear and electronic counter measures, and for defence the Sleuth mounts a gauss gun and two heavy rockets guided by the communications laser. The van carries a driver, gunner and a communications engineer. Customers have included the Motorway Patrol, the Royal Army, the Metropolitan Police and a number of major corporations.
Sleuth: Van with carbon-aluminium frame, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 6 solid tyres, driver, gunner, passenger (communications engineer taking 2 spaces), turreted gauss gun, extra GG magazine, searchlight front, communications laser in turret with LGL to 2 HRs front, 8 flechette grenades, anti-theft system, bollix*, 2 sets of camouflage netting (covering 1”x½” each), 5 communications targets, compact television, fire extinguisher, 2 hi-res computers (driver, gunner), infrared sighting system, laser battery, laser communications computer, radar, radar detector, radar jammer, side door, sound enhancement, stealth, surge protector, tinted windows, vehicular computer (engineer). Armour: F30, B25, L25, R25, T20, U15 (including 1 point Stealthkote in all 6 locations). Accel. 5, top speed 95, HC 2. 7,070 lbs., $89,160.
Cargo capacity: 130 lbs., 1 space.
* Note: the Bollix is only available to accredited government agencies.