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Bute secures Met contract, changes name to Babylon.
Scourge defeated, Mayor exultant.
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Riding with Lackhart's Lancers

The cracking of super-heated air makes my head snap round. A flash of searing light lances across the landscape, followed by a second. In the distance, I see a body crumple.
“Down and out!” The excitable voice of Rich Lackhart bursts from the radio speaker. “Let’s keep it moving, Lancers.”
Another morning’s commute for a mid 21st Century haulage gang.
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Motorway Patrol interview

It is 4am on a cold September morning. Patrol Sergeant Dave Chapman takes a deep draught of hot tea, standing at the service station in the shadow of the Severn Bridge. For the past two hours, he has driven from London at a sedate 55 mph, showing the flag and protecting his patch. Now he takes a well-earned break.
“Everyone seems to think that we have high-adrenaline lives; that the excitement never stops. We have our moments, but actually, most of what we do is just remind people that we are here; that there is a law; and that someone cares if they break it. That is often enough.”
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Latest opinions

23/9/55: Babylon is a true inspiration in these times of darkness. Under the dynamic leadership of Sir Hector McDonaugh, the company has thrived while so many others failed. Read more

20/9/55: Mayor Rod is victorious. The battle against an insidious foe has been won, and Mayor Forrester-Smythe’s aggressive policies have been vindicated. While others dithered, Mayor Rod took action. The result? Londoners are safe from a creeping infection that has decimated nations, destroyed civilisations and ripped communities in half. Read more

18/8/55: The recent attacks on everyday citizens have shocked the nation. The brutal slaying, just yards from his own doorstep, of Dominic Bruehl, a student with a glittering academic career, has deprived a young man of a brilliant future. On the same day, the gang that style themselves the Motorway Marauders have killed a working driver just weeks away from his retirement. Read more

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Subcompacts and compacts


The recoilless rifle mounted on the Rifler from Ironbridge Autoworks can deliver serious damage in a Division 5 duel, all the more so as opponents never know which of the rifles are the real one. Rifler drivers exploit this confusion, as the vehicle was designed to enable re-positioning of the rifles, both real and fake. The combat version is constrained by the power plant, not the chassis, and leaves 10lbs. unused. The road version rectifies this with a superconducted power plant.
Rifler: Subcompact, heavy chassis, heavy suspension, small power plant with platinum catalysts, 4 HD tyres, driver, RR L, fake RR F. Armour: F15, B14, L13, R13, T3, U6. Accel. 5, top speed 90, HC 4. 2,510 lbs., $4,726.
Personal equipment: 10 lbs. (usually used for body armour in division 5 duels, giving the Rifler a price of $4,976.)
Road Rifler: Replace platinum catalysts with superconductors. $4,876.
Personal equipment: 20lbs.


Sheng Xiao’s budget entry is the Rat. Taking advantage of the low cost of a rocket-based weapon system, the Chinese firm has squeezed nine armour piercing mini-rockets into a subcompact, together with a targeting computer for added accuracy. The AccuRat replaces the mini-rockets with three heavier rockets with laser-guidance for a more accurate punch, but is limited to three shots.
Rat: Subcompact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, small power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 PR tyres, driver, 3 mini-rockets on mini rocket platform, 6 mini-rockets F, paint discharger B, 8 links, targeting computer. Armour: F25, B25, L25, R25, T10, U15. Accel. 5, top speed 90, HC 4. 2,710 lbs., $6,265.
Personal equipment: 50 lbs.
AccuRat: Add targeting laser on rocket platform, replace all rockets with HR on platform and 2 MRs linked front, replace targeting computer with SWC for targeting laser. Laser-guide all rockets. Armour: F25, B25, L20, R20, T10, U15. 2,730 lbs., $7,550.
Personal equipment: 30 lbs.


The Cutter is one of the most common cars on British roads. With this vehicle, Austen sought inspiration from the original small car – the Mini. By turning the electric plant through 90 degrees, Austen’s engineers were able to squeeze in an engine that could deliver top speeds of up to 150 mph alongside a micromissile launcher with enhanced targeting. At only $6,240, this is a high-performance bargain.
Cutter: Subcompact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, medium power plant, 4 PR tyres, driver, MML F, airdam, heavy duty brakes, single weapon computer, spoiler. Armour: F20, B20, L17, R17, T5, U11. Accel. 10, top speed 120, HC 4. 2,725 lbs., $6,240.
Personal equipment: 35 lbs..
Cutter “Vite”: Add superconductors and platinum catalysts to power plant, overdrive. Top speed 130 (150 with overdrive). $7,340.


Lackhart Motor’s entry-level car is the Raycom, using Resnick Labs’ latest laser technology. For those on a tighter budget, the Raycom MG swaps the laser for a MG, while the MML version carries significantly heavier armour.
Raycom: Subcompact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, medium power plant, 4 PR tyres, driver, LL F, SWC. Armour: F20, B20, L20, R20, T3, U7, 2 5-point wheelguards rear. Accel. 10, top speed 120, HC 4. 2,740 lbs., $7,440.
Personal equipment: 20 lbs.
Raycom MG: Substitute MG for LL. $5,940.
Raycom MML: Substitute MML for LL. Add 15 points of armour. $5,555.


The Dartlight was designed for German roads: fast, straight autobahns with no speed limit, but very heavy fines for damaging the surface in a firefight. In common with many Baden designs, the Dartlight carries no weapons, but its speed, acceleration, handling and ramplate still make it a foe to be reckoned with.
The Dartlighter is 40% cheaper, and trades the expensive handling accessories for a heavier ramplate. The two versions are indistinguishable on the road.
Dartlight: Streamlined compact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, ABS, active suspension, airdam, HD brakes, HD shocks, overdrive, spoiler. Sloped armour: F50 (ramplate), B40, L35, R35, T10, U25, 2 10-point retractable wheelguards front, 2 10-point wheelguards back. Accel. 10, top speed 130 (150 with overdrive), HC 4. 4,420 lbs., $19,561.
Personal equipment: 20 lbs.
Dartlighter: Remove active suspension, platinum catalysts and superconductors, ABS, HD shocks, HD brakes, increase ramplate to 60 points, 4,390 lbs., $11,519.
Personal equipment: 50 lbs.

Cheetah – Speed, manoeuvrability, elegance

Inspired by the grace of the fastest animal on earth, Daimyo of Japan is proud to present the Cheetah. 0-60 mph in 4 seconds makes the Cheetah one of the fastest production vehicles in the market. Its elegant lines, heavy weaponry and superior handling give you absolute control.
The ultimate in responsive power.

Cheetah: Compact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, turreted HMGHD, 2 ice dischargers with bumper triggers L, R, flaming oil discharger with bumper trigger back, smoke discharger U, airdam, HD brakes, HD shocks, rocket booster B (90 lbs., acceleration of 20 for 1 second), spoiler, SWC. Sloped FP armour: F30, B30, L25, R25, T15, U15, 2 10-point wheelguards rear, 2 10-point wheelhubs front, 2 fake wheelguards front, 2 fake wheelhubs rear. Accel. 10, top speed 120, HC 3. 4,435 lbs., $19,998.
Personal equipment: 40 lbs.