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Riding with Lackhart's Lancers

The cracking of super-heated air makes my head snap round. A flash of searing light lances across the landscape, followed by a second. In the distance, I see a body crumple.
“Down and out!” The excitable voice of Rich Lackhart bursts from the radio speaker. “Let’s keep it moving, Lancers.”
Another morning’s commute for a mid 21st Century haulage gang.
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Motorway Patrol interview

It is 4am on a cold September morning. Patrol Sergeant Dave Chapman takes a deep draught of hot tea, standing at the service station in the shadow of the Severn Bridge. For the past two hours, he has driven from London at a sedate 55 mph, showing the flag and protecting his patch. Now he takes a well-earned break.
“Everyone seems to think that we have high-adrenaline lives; that the excitement never stops. We have our moments, but actually, most of what we do is just remind people that we are here; that there is a law; and that someone cares if they break it. That is often enough.”
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Latest opinions

23/9/55: Babylon is a true inspiration in these times of darkness. Under the dynamic leadership of Sir Hector McDonaugh, the company has thrived while so many others failed. Read more

20/9/55: Mayor Rod is victorious. The battle against an insidious foe has been won, and Mayor Forrester-Smythe’s aggressive policies have been vindicated. While others dithered, Mayor Rod took action. The result? Londoners are safe from a creeping infection that has decimated nations, destroyed civilisations and ripped communities in half. Read more

18/8/55: The recent attacks on everyday citizens have shocked the nation. The brutal slaying, just yards from his own doorstep, of Dominic Bruehl, a student with a glittering academic career, has deprived a young man of a brilliant future. On the same day, the gang that style themselves the Motorway Marauders have killed a working driver just weeks away from his retirement. Read more

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The Great British Taxi

The Black Cab, one of the evocative symbols of London, celebrated its centenary in 2048. The cab has undergone many upgrades over the years, but maintains its reputation as a comfortable, reliable and, above all, familiar sight throughout many British cities.
The centennial edition combines the offensive power of a VMG with the sticky defence of a HD paint spray. (London’s outmoded anti-smog laws forbid the use of a smokescreen within the city). Five passengers can be carried in comfort, entertained by the advertising television set behind the driver, while a tear gas discharger inside the passenger compartment enables the cabbie to deal with unruly fares.
Black cab: Luxury, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, 5 passengers, turreted VMG, HDPS B, tear gas discharger in passenger compartment, compact television, LD radio, SWC. Armour: F30, B30, L30, R30, T30, U15, 10-point CA around each of driver and passenger compartment. Accel. 5, top speed 90, HC 3. 6,475 lbs., $18,725.
Cargo capacity: 125 lbs., 1 space.

Black Maria

Legend has it that over 200 years ago, the police force of Boston, Massachusetts, called on the services of the landlady of a seafarers’ lodging house, a large and powerful woman by the name of Maria Lee, to deal with rowdy sailors. This modern van from Tower Securities is the 2055 equivalent of Black Maria: formidable, powerful and effective.
Note that the MGs can be changed between regular and anti-personnel ammunition by adding or subtracting $2,000 per load.
Black Maria: Van, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 6 solid tyres, driver, gunner, 5 passengers, 2 linked MGs (one with AP ammo, one with regular) linked to armoured searchlight in turret, GS loaded with tear-gas back, SS loaded with tear gas L, R, tear gas discharger in passenger compartment, 8 flechette dischargers, 2 links (SSs, all dropped weapons), LD radio, SWC (gunner to MGs). Armour: F15, B12, L12, R12, T10, U5, 10-point CA around each of crew, power plant, passengers, GS, both SSs, 2 10-point wheelguards back, 2 10-point wheelhubs F. Accel 5, top speed 95, HC 2. 7,114 lbs., $23,855.
Cargo capacity: 86 lbs., 4 spaces
Black Marietta: Downgrade MG to regular ammo, tyres to steelbelted PRs, remove LD radio and SWC. $19,555.

Police Interceptor

Tower Securities have achieved a miracle: a high performance pursuit vehicle that costs less than a standard police cruiser. The “Deterrent” variant offers drop spike plates and TDX mines to immobilise suspects, while the Enforcement mounts a heavy rocket barrage, together with two rockets designed to short-circuit the engine. More than 50% of police forces in the British Isles have purchased an Interceptor.
Police Interceptor “Deterrent”: Sedan, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, sport power plant with platinum catalysts, 4 solid tyres, driver, VMGHD in universal turret, Spear MD with TDX mines and extra magazine B, drop spike plate U, ABS, fireproof airdam and spoiler, HD brakes, HD shock absorbers, HRSWC, 2 linked improved supercharger capacitors, LD radio, no paint windshield, overdrive, radar. Fireproof armour: F35, B30, L30, R30, T25, U20. Accel. 10, top speed 120 (140 with overdrive), HC 3. 6,119 lbs, $38,570.
Personal equipment: 25 lbs.
Standard police issue equipment consists of uniform (blended) body armour, SMG with laser scope, combined LIG/gas mask, a heavy pistol, concussion grenade and walkie talkie, costing $2,418 and weighing 24 lbs.
Police Interceptor “Enforcement”: Remove VMG, drop spike plate, Spear MD. Add RL and IRTL in turret, AP RL front, 2 anti-power plant rockets F. Laser guide all rockets. Armour: F40, B35, L35, R35, T30, U20. 6,085 lbs, $44,945.
Personal equipment: 35 lbs.

Police Cruiser

The Police Cruiser is standard issue throughout the Motorway Patrol. It has an extremely flexible weapons load, which enables it to handle most situations on its own, and includes space for a prisoner in a secure compartment.
Police cruiser: Luxury, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 solid radial tyres, driver, gunner, passenger, turreted VMG with extra magazine loaded with AP ammo, GL F with rotary magazine and extra rotary magazine, 6 flechette dischargers, ABS, anti-theft system, HD brakes, HD shocks, hi-res (driver), LD radio, 2 magazine switches, no paint windshield, overdrive, radar, vehicular computer (gunner). Fireproof armour: F40, B35, L30, R30, T25, U20, 4 6-point FP wheelguards, 5 points CA around passenger. Accel 5, top speed 90 (110 with overdrive), HC 3. 6,600 lbs., $52,915.
Includes $5,000 and 49 lbs. for personal equipment. Standard police issue equipment consists of uniform (blended) body armour, SMG with laser scope, combined LIG/gas mask, a heavy pistol, concussion grenade and walkie talkie, costing $2,418 and weighing 24 lbs.
Standard grenade load, all impact fused: 5 explosive, 5 concussion, 2 foam, 3 flechette, 3 tear gas, 2 flash.


The role of the ambulance has changed since the onset of the Scourge. Korwai Fever renders its victims violent but chaotic. As a result, modern ambulances are heavily armed, lightly armoured, difficult to hit and fast. They also manage to fit in space for a driver, gunner, paramedic and two stretchers.
A cryogenic version is available, indistinguishable from the outside. It uses the latest technology to keep bodies for up to 48 hours in a condition where their brains can be scanned for transference to pre-prepared clones.
Ambulance: Streamlined van, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 solid tyres, driver, gunner, passenger, turreted Variable Fire Rocket Pod and infrared targeting laser, laser-guidance link for all rockets, MD with remote controlled mines linked to HDPS B, SWC (gunner), HD shocks, medikit, overdrive, 2 stretchers ($300, 25 lbs., 3 spaces). Sloped armour: F25, B20, L20, R20, T20, U10. Accel 5, top speed 115 (135 with overdrive), HC 2. 7,145 lbs., $37,445.
Personal equipment: 55 lbs., 0 spaces
Cryogenic Ambulance: Replace 2 stretchers with cryo unit ($15,000, 150 lbs., 4 spaces, plus 150 lbs. for the body), 7,095 lbs., $51,845.
Cargo capacity: 105 lbs., 2 spaces.

Ironbridge Interdictor

In 2054, the Motorway Patrol broke with tradition by commissioning a premium duelling manufacturer to design a build a pursuit cruiser for the Motorway network. Ironbridge won the tender with the Interdictor, an expensive but effective police interceptor.
Ironbridge Interdictor: Luxury with carbon-aluminium frame, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, sport power plant with platinum catalysts and superconductors, 4 steelbelted radial solids, driver, turreted VMG, 2 anti-powerplant rockets F, 2 Spear MD with TDX linked L and R, drop spike plate U, 2 98 lbs rocket boosters linked B (each giving 15 acceleration), ABS, fireproof airdam and spoiler, HD brakes, HD shocks, hi-res computer, LD radio, no paint windscreen, overdrive, radar. Fireproof armour: F45, B40, L35, R35, T32, U20, 4 10-point fireproof wheelhubs, 4 10-point fireproof wheelguards. Accel 10, top speed 122.5 (142.5 with overdrive), HC 3. 6,572 lbs., $62,330.
Personal equipment: 28 lbs.