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Gaming notes:

Patrol Sergeant Dave Chapman and Patrol Constable Jonah Smith are representative of the crew of a Motorway Patrol Cruiser.

Dave Chapman has received the Police Medal twice in his two decades of service, and four citations for bravery. He is a Driver +2, Gunner +2, Handgunner +1, Paramedic and Mechanic. He wears body armour blended into a Patrol Uniform, a scoped SMG, a walkie-talkie, concussion grenade and a combined gas mask/light intensifier goggles.

Jonah Smith is a relative newcomer, with eight years service. He is a Driver +1, Gunner+2, Handgunner, Mechanic. He wears blended body armour, a scoped SMG, a walkie-talkie and gas mask/LIG, plus a needle pistol and a handheld flare launcher.

The Police Cruiser is standard issue throughout the Patrol. It has an extremely flexible weapons load, which enables it to handle most situations on its own, and space for a prisoner in a secure compartment. Its statistics can be found in the RAAC Vehicle Guide - Specials.

The Shadowhawk is commonly used by police forces for surveillance. Its statistics can be found in the RAAC Vehicle Guide - Motorcycles. A typical Shadowhawk driver would be Cyclist+1, Driver, Gunner+1, Handgunner +1, Stealth +1.

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